Are shippers ready for ACE?

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Are shippers ready for Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) in effect starting Feb. 27? Time will tell. And we’ll see if the $3 billion initiative will bring the efficiencies promised.

Each agency has its own particular forms and documentation requirements and its own system for receiving and processing the documents. Under the single window, the trade community will file through a single portal to reach all of the agencies that have filing requirements for shipments. Be prepared. The roll-out might be bumpy.

Deborah Augustin, acting executive director at the ACE Business Office said by Feb. 27, “industry partners will be expected to transition.”

The trade community’s response, though, has been spotty. The entry-summary function at the end of the transaction has been running for three years, but only 65 percent of entry summaries are filed electronically. The entry-filing pilot at the time of entry of the shipment into the country has been up for some months now, but participation by year’s end was only at about 10 percent, according to Augustin.

ACE is reality
Customs Brokerage ACEImporters and exporters that have avoided pilot programs or are waiting for the full implementation trigger before filing through the ACE platform have been advised to work with their brokers and forwarders immediately to migrate their operations to Customs’ new electronic platform.

Bottom line, importers must be ready for changes and addition information required for ACE filing: For example, the importer of record must provide their IRS # and address for delivery. Furthermore, Participating Government Agencies or PGA’s such as the FDA, will have access to ACE information. PGA’s may require additional requirements & documentation.

The Cargo Services tenured team of professionals is ready for ACE.
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