Customs Brokerage Services

customs brokerage serviceCustoms regulations and national transportation laws can be complex and confusing in today’s world of high security and government oversight. Cargo Services team includes certified customs brokers and specialists. These experts support clients to have goods cleared via customs quickly and efficiently using our electronic-customs-clearance network at any U.S. customs port of entry. Cargo Services can even pre-clear shipments before arrival, so import cargo can be delivered without delay and added expense.  Once cargo clears customs, our turnkey services can be used to make transportation and delivery arrangements throughout the United States.

International shipping can be challenging. Cargo Services Inc. customs brokerage services experts can provide  consulting to guide you through the complexity of:

  • Tariff compliance.
  • Tariff classification.
  • Valuation.
  • Duty/tax recovery.
  • Specific product requirements.
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