Impacted by stuck steamship in Suez Canal? Check your shipment

Here’s what we know about the situation in the Suez Canal:

  • The ship, the Ever Given, was moving from China to the port of Rotterdam.
  • There are no reported injuries or damage to cargo.
  • As of yesterday, more than 100 ships were stuck at each end of the 120-mile canal, which connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and carries roughly 10 percent of worldwide shipping traffic.
  • Attempts to free to ship are ongoing, and we will continue to monitor this ongoing situation.

If your containers are scheduled to move through the Suez Canal and your shipment may be impacted:

  • Use CSI Live Track to check the position of the steam ship using your container number. This system is updated four times per day and for current Cargo Services customers.
  • Contact our team directly at 800-645-0386 to inquire about the status of the shipment.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Suez Canal Steamship Stuck


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