Chassis shortage in key markets

Imports coming into the United States in December increased. We’re experiencing a significant chassis shortage in several key markets, including Chicago. This will affect customers with imports. Read on for more information. A surge of shipments...


Porto Itapoa tour kicks off 2019

Cargo Services team is customer focused. Our job working on behalf of our customers as their freight forwarder is to ensure the people and places where shipments are routed have the right professionals to get the job done. Throughout the course...


Tariff news & updates

Our team is working to support customers and company leaders with information about tariffs imposed. We have created a webpage with information and resources. It will be updated as needed. Please use the information and contact your Cargo...


Peak season is here for importers

Here’s something new for peak season freight forwarding for importers. We already had one carrier try to implement a “Trade War Surcharge,” on top of a peak season surcharge. Looks like it could be a rocky and expensive 2018 peak season for...

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