Panama Canal drought impact to cargo shipments

January was the driest in a century in Panama. The result is impacting cargo and weights moving through the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal Authority says:

cargo shippingEffective April 30, the maximum authorized draft for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks will be 44’ tropical fresh water.

After April 30, drafts of 44’ may be allowed to transit depending on the acutal level of Gaun Lake at time of transit. Otherwise they may be required to trim or off-load cargo to make transit.

This is an article from Seatrade Maritime News that outlines the situation.

We received the following information from our partners at Maersk.
Due to panama drought issue, we will have weight limitation for our Panama vessels.

  • TP10 : 14Mtons/FFE
  • TP12 : 15Mtons/FFE
  • TP16 : 16Mtons/FFE

Maersk will offer additional surcharges for heavy shipments with high priority to load.


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