Port Congestion FAQ

Port CongestionCustomers are asking advice for options to best manage their export shipments during this time when port congestion is challenging the industry. Below are the frequent questions we’re hearing and our responses.

Cargo Services Owners John Rowe and Steve Fugate are dedicated to keeping customers updated and are committed to doing whatever it takes to continue providing best-in-class service during this time. Click here to read more.

Please use this information to help guide supply chain decision-making. Contact us if you have a question that is not found here or have a follow up to one that is. Read our ocean shipping planning and recommendations.

Import FAQ

Export FAQ

LA Long beach dwell fee delay

Additional Resources

60 Minutes (November 2021) captures the current situation in this piece worth watching. Click here

The Wall Steet Journal (September 2021) addresses steamships waiting to berth. Click here

The Economist article (September 2021) gives andoverview of the situation. Click here

Freight congestion will continue in 2022. Click here

This Indianapolis Business Journal story, in August 2021, features Cargo Services team outlining the current situation. Click here

This Wall Street Journal story is a great summary that shares the picture of the current situation. Click here

The port of LA/Long Beach has a Cargo Operations Dashboard to show daily port statistics including vessel tracking. Click here

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