Typhoon Yutu and port impact in Asia

freight forwardingAs of this morning (10-31-18), our partners in Asia reported the following preparations as Typhoon Yutu moved toward Manila.  Port operations for South China will probably be impacted for several days. Contact your Cargo Services representative or our office if you have questions directly related to your shipment.

  • Shanghai WGQ: Port situation was slightly impacted by its closure for 12 hours during this past weekend due to strong winds. The average waiting time is currently around one day. Please note that during the period of the China International Import EXPO (CIIE) holding in Shanghai, all DG cargos with IMO class 1, 6.1 & 7 will not be allowed to be handled in WGQ area due to security reasons from  Nov. 2  at 8 a.m. to 11 Nov. 11 at midnight.
  • Ningbo: Port situation has returned to normal, average waiting time is now about a half day with the exception of NBCT, NBSCT and MSICT, where the waiting time is around one day.
  • Bangkok: Waiting time is currently at two and a half days due to ongoing congestion.
  • Manila: Port is congested with four vessels waiting for berth at Manila North and 11 vessels waiting for berth at Manila South. QC13 at Pier 3 in PHMNS is not operational yet, and timeline of repair is still awaiting advice from terminals officials.
  • Saigon: Average waiting time currently is up to two days. This is due to the CY continuing to be congested.
  • Pusan: BNCT is facing severe berth congestion due to yard occupancy ratio being over 85 percent. Vessel with high discharge volumes are expected to face delays in berthing. Contingencies are being worked on by local agents with the individual lines.
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